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We are a testing laboratory, dedicated to analyzing machinery fluids for the purposes of reliability, energy conservation and renewability. We test lubricants, both mineral and synthetic, greases, coolants, compressor coolants, petroleum fuels and biofuels.

We Test:

  • DoublecheckSM Oil analysis- Designed to detect equipment failure early
  • Diesel Fuel analysis including Ultra Low sulfur testing
  • Biodiesel Analysis see our dedicated website
  • Home Heating oil analysis including Bioheat Analysis
  • Certified Lubrication Specialists for technical support
  • Grease Analysis - for critical grease lubricated systems
  • Filter analysis - Evaluate premature filter blockage/failure
  • Synthetic lubricant analysis
  • Lubricated equipment failure investigation
  • Turbine Flushing Analysis Support - We excel, call for details

Start a monitoring program now! We make it easy.

Step 1: Call us! 775-332-2477 and we'll guide you through, OR:

Step 2: Enroll yourself / your business, using our launch form.

Step 3: Register your equipment, using a sample point registration form.
Need help with the form? See our guide or call us.
More than a few pieces of equipment? Use this excel spreadsheet.

Step 4: Relax. You’re done. We will do the rest. You now have a world class fluid monitoring program to care for your equipment. Now let’s catch some issues before they become problems.

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