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Snow Plows & Wings

Fusion - Angle Plows
Angle plows for the Fusion system cast snow to whichever side needed; angling can be controlled by optional hydraulics, or manually. Multiple widths are available. Some plows also offer a "trip"... (more)
One-Way Plows
One-Way Snow Plows optimize snow removal operations. The high-impact design cuts easily into snowdrifts and throws snow to one side. (more)
Reversible Plows - Loader
Hydraulic and Manual Reversible Plows give wheel loaders the ability to perform snow removal tasks. (more)
Reversible Plows - Moldboard Trip
The compact size and profile of Moldboard Trip Reversible Plows is matched to the performance of Cat Loaders, offering snow removing power in a package well-suited for parking lots, narrow roads... (more)
Reversible Plows - Motor Grader
Reversible snow plows optimize snow removal operations. Plow can be angled to doze or to cast snow to either side. Quick reversing action is ideal for urban, rural and mountain roads, airports,... (more)
Reversible Plows - Trip Edge
Hydraulic Reversible Plows with trip are ideal for snow removal jobs on roads, airports and parking lots. (more)
Snow Wings - Hydraulic Rear Brace
Hydraulic Snow Wings greatly enhance the snow removal capabilities of Cat Motor Graders. Compact, efficient and height adjustable, the wing is ideal for cleaning ditches, plowing roads and benching... (more)
Snow Wings - Manual Rear Brace
The Hydraulic Snow Wing's compact, efficient design provides excellent operator visibility and maximum performance. (more)
Balderson V-Plows optimize snow removal operations. Heavy duty steel nose piece and divider cut agressively into heavy drifts, and break up compacted snow. The plow is the perfect choice for road... (more)

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