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Self Propelled Snow Blowers

Self-propelled Industrial Snow Blowers

Cashman Equipment has the self-propelled industrial snow blowers that are designed and built to answer the high demands of municipalities and airports. They offer superior snow clearing capacity ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 tons of snow per hour and meet the highest security standards. For more information on the self-propelled snow blower that is right for your snow removal needs, simply contact your Cashman sales person at 1.800.937.2326.

TM220 Self-propelled Snow Blower
This all wheel drive truck mounted industrial snow blower has two stage dual auger and a snow removal capacity of up to 2500 tons per hour. The blower head is equipped with a 187 kW (250 hp) turbocharged Diesel engine while the carrier has a 142 to 187 kW (190 to 250 hp) turbocharged Diesel engine.  The TM‑220 features a quick coupling system allowing its user to convert from a snow blower unit to a convenient snow plow truck. This unique concept allows, once the winter season is over, to rapidly remove the auxiliary engine and use the truck as a carrier vehicle for platform, crane or water tanker.

TM3500 Self-propelled Snow Blower
This all wheel drive truck mounted industrial snow blower equipped with a two stage rotary auger fan type snow blower, powered by a 373 kW (500 hp) Diesel engine, has a snow clearing capacity of up to 5000 tons per hour.  This unit is used for removing large quantities of snow from airport runways and snow dump sites. The truck loading chute is optional. The complete engine package as well as the blower head can be easily removed, allowing the 4 x 4 carrier to be used for other purposes.

TM36R Self-propelled Snow Blower
Our most technologically advanced self-propelled industrial snow blower will answer the high demands of airports, municipalities and heavy duty contractors. The TM36R is a two stage ribbon auger type snow blower that has a theoretical volumetric capacity of 293,216 ft³/hour and a loading capacity of 3500 tons of snow per hour. It reaches speeds of 60 km/h (37 mph) with its Caterpillar Diesel engine of 287 kW (385 hp). Security issues were predominant while developing the TM36R. It was designed with a 360° visibility and emergency shut down button on each side of the vehicle. The cabin is controlled by a multiplex system allowing for options such as camera activated system for backing up or motion detector.

TM42R Self-propelled Snow Blower
Even more productive and with all the same great features as the latter, the TM42R has a theoretical volumetric capacity of 293,216 ft³/hour and can clear up to 4800 tons of snow per hour depending on snow conditions. Its powerful 336 kW (450 hp) C11 Tier III engine allows side casting through the right and left. This 1066 mm (42 in) two stage ribbon type auger snow blower comes with a telescoping loading chute casting from 3 to 15 m (10 to 50 ft).

AF1 Self-propelled Snow Blower
This unique vehicle is offered in two versions: one on rails for railways and one on wheels for airports runways. The AF1 blast away the toughest snow and ice with its 700 km/h (435 mph) air nozzle. For the wheel version, the carrier is powered by a 187 kW (250 hp) engine and can reach speeds of 0-80 km/h (0-50 mph). The blower is powered by a 373 kW (500 hp) turbocharged Diesel engine and the air flow is created by a two stage centrifugal fan. The air nozzle is hydraulically controlled.

P-4000-R52 Self-propelled Snow Blower
A self-propelled truck mounted industrial snow blower for use on airport runways, taxiways and aprons.  Powered by a 242 to 350 kW (325 to 470 hp) turbocharged Diesel engine for the carrier vehicle and up to 478 kW (700 hp) for the blower unit, the P‑4000‑R52, equipped with a hydrostatically operated ribbon auger design, can handle up to 5000 tons of snow per hour and may cast snow of any density to a distance up to 38 m (125 ft) either right or left.

P-5000 Self-propelled Snow Blower
The P-5000 offers a great performance on airport runways with a one-of-a-kind fan type blower head. This high capacity industrial snow blower can move up to 7000 tons of snow per hour. It can also clear fresh snow at speed up to 80 km/h (50 mph) which is ideal for airports applications. Its powerful blower engine of 448 to 522 kW (600 to 700 hp) is also perfect for snow dump sites.

P-5000-R Self-propelled Snow Blower
The P-5000-R Series consists of a powerful self-propelled ribbon type 4-wheel drive chassis and cab-over-engine. Powered by a 160 to 261 kW (215 to 350 hp) Diesel engine for the carrier vehicle and up to 522 kW (700 hp) for the blower unit, the P-5000-R Series is built and designed to remove large quantities of snow, up to 6000 tons per hour, hard packed frozen banks as well as wet thawing snow.


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